2 Reasons To Consider A Short-Term Apartment Rental While On Vacation

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One of the best options available to you when you are taking an extended vacation is a short-term apartment rental, mostly because it can provide a wide range of benefits that most hotels simply cannot match. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing a short-term apartment rental while on vacation.

More Relaxing

One of the biggest reasons to stay in a short-term apartment rental when you are going on a longer vacation is that it can often be more relaxing than staying in a hotel. The main reason for this is that when you stay in a hotel you are going to be exposed to more people and crowds, which does make sense when you consider that most hotels are often in the most convenient places for business travelers and tourists.

However, having all of those other travelers around all the time means that things will get quite noisy and will wear thin very quickly. On the other hand, an apartment complex will typically be located farther away from those busy centers, which can allow you to relax more easily and unwind when you are done visiting the tourist destinations or shopping for the day. 

Less Expensive

Another reason to consider renting a short-term apartment when on a longer vacation is that it will be so much cheaper than renting a hotel room. Even if you choose a more budget-friendly hotel, odds are that the cost per week will be much higher than if you rented an apartment. In many cases, you may find that the cost per week for a short-term apartment rental will be a fraction of the cost of a hotel, which means that you can stay on your vacation for longer.

An apartment rental can also save you money by cutting down on your dining expenses. When you are on a vacation, a large portion of your budget will often go towards eating out quite often, which is very expensive. When you rent an apartment, you will have access to a full kitchen that you can stock with food from the local grocery store and cook yourself, which will allow you to both maintain healthier eating habits and spend much less money on food.

For more information, contact local professionals like Corporate Habitat. A short-term apartment rental can provide you with vacation accommodation that can be more relaxing and less expensive than staying at a traditional hotel. 

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3 Reasons To Buy A Vacation Home

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For many people a vacation home seems like a luxury that is out of reach. A home that is only used a few weeks out of the year and that stays empty for the rest of the time may seem like a waste of money. However, this does not have to be the case. In 2014 alone there were 1.13 vacation homes sold in the US. Vacation homes can actually be great investments that pay off down the road. Here are three reasons to consider buying a vacation home.

Hotel Costs

For those that enjoy staying in luxury, hotel costs can really add up over the cost of a trip. Five-star hotels average $436 per night. Over the course of a vacation, hotel costs for a family can add up to thousands of dollars. Instead of spending that money on hotel costs, it may make more sense to invest in a home. This is an especially good idea for those who vacation in the same place on an annual basis. Owning a vacation home also reduces the need to eat out for every meal which can also save money.

Rental Potential

One misunderstanding that many people have about vacation homes is that they have to sit vacant when the owners are not in town. However, this is not true. One reason to purchase a vacation home is that it can provide a lot of rental income if it is in a desirable area. Renting out a vacation home when it’s not in use can offset many of the costs involved in owning the property and can even turn a profit for the owners. It is important to remember that if the property is rented out for more than 15 days per year, the income must be reported to the IRS. If it is only rented out 14 days or less, there is no need to report the income.

Future Retirement

Retirement may not be on your mind when you buy a vacation home, but it’s something that should be factored into your decision. In the future, a vacation home can easily become the home where you retire. Purchasing a home in a sought-after area where property values continue to climb can also be a great investment. Selling a vacation home later down the road can free up some much needed cash after retirement.

There are plenty of reasons to consider investing in a vacation home. Vacation homes can save money on hotels, provide rental income, and can come in handy after retirement. 

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Parent Have COPD And Needs To Travel? What You Should Know About A Medical Flight

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If you have a parent that has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), they likely have breathing problems and would need immediate care if they cannot breathe properly. If your parent needs to travel, you should consider hiring a medical flight service to take them where they need to go. This is beneficial to them, as if they have a medical problem on the way to the location, they will have experienced people to help them until they arrive. Besides this, they can arrive at the location much faster than if you chose an ambulance. Below is some information you should know about medical flights just in case you ever have to use them.

Care Offered by Medical Air Flight

When you start looking into the medical air flight companies in your area, you need to make sure they can offer you the services that your parent needs. Because your parent has a breathing disorder, the medical air flight should have a respiratory therapist on board, as well as the proper equipment needed to help your parent breathe.

All flights should offer simple life support, which is giving patients things like oxygen and IV antibiotics. The company you choose should offer critical care support in case your parent’s needs go above and beyond a breathing treatment. This type of air flight has highly specialized equipment and a medical staff. They aircraft will carry things like CPR equipment, ECG and monitoring unit, medication, and respirators.

Difference Between Fixed Wing and a Prop Plane

Before you sign up with a service, ask them if they use a fixed wing or a prop plane. This is important, as prop planes are much smaller when compared to fixed wing. This means they do not have the ability to have a lot of medical equipment or staff onboard. A smaller plane also generally flies at a lower altitude. Because a fixed wing is larger, it holds more staff and equipment, and the plane can fly at higher altitudes allowing it to arrive at the hospital quicker than a prop plane.

Help with Insurance

Some medical flight companies will help you work with your insurance carrier, such as filing and having documents pre-approved. If they do not do this, you should make sure you call your insurance company on your own. They may cover all or some of the costs of the air flight, which can save you a lot of money.

Knowing this information can help you choose the right carrier service for your parent. This will ensure they get to the hospital on time and will have the care they need on the way to the hospital.

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3 Reasons To Hire A Private Tour Guide On Your Family Vacation

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Are you planning a vacation to a city that has a lot of tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your family? If you want a better chance of seeing as many tourist attractions within a limited amount of time as possible, it is wise for you to hire a private tour guide for assistance. Although you can opt for a regular tour guide as well, it may not be as convenient. Take a look at this article to discover some of the benefits that are included with touring a city with help from a private guide.

1. Your Tour Will Be Personalized

If you opt for a public tour guide, there is no guarantee that you will get to visit all of the tourist attractions that are on your list. Basically, public tour guides will take a group of people to tourist attractions that have already been planned in advance. However, with a private tour guide, you can determine which tourist attractions you would like to visit. He or she can make sure that you are shown the attractions in an order that is based on how much time you want to spend at each site, which can make the tour more efficient.

2. No Worrying About Time Constraints

When viewing tourist attractions with a public guide, you will be required to show up for the tour at a specific time. If you do not arrive on time, you can miss out on the tour and have to wait for the next one. Hiring a private tour guide gives you the ability to choose a convenient time for viewing the tourist attractions. You and your family will be able to wake up, get dressed, enjoy breakfast, and not have to rush to meet a set time. A private tour guide might even meet you at the hotel to begin the tour, but it depends on who is hired.

3. Easier Communication with the Guide

Going on a private tour with your family is a good idea if it is predicted that a lot of questions about the tourist attractions will be asked. Trying to fit all of the questions in when touring with a large public group can be difficult, as the guide will have to focus his or her attention on more people. A private tour guide will be solely focused on you and your family, which can also lead to more thorough answers to any questions that are asked. Contact a guide in the city that you are traveling to and reserve a private tour date for your family as soon as possible. For instance, you could contact a service like Private Guided Tours of South Florida, LLC.

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Ideas To Create Romantic Settings While Staying In A Cabin To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

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If you will be staying in a cabin in the woods to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year, the following ideas can be used to create romantic settings that will allow you and your significant other to make the most of the time spent away from home.

Candlelight Dinner In The Moonlight

Pack some of your spouse’s favorite dinner items before leaving to go on the vacation. Bring along a bottle of champagne or wine to enjoy with the meal. Set up a small table on the cabin’s front porch or in another area outdoors where moonlight can be seen. Prepare a meal for your loved one and invite them outdoors to sit down at the table once it is ready.

Serve the meal and pour a beverage for each of you to drink. Toast your mate before beginning to eat. You and your partner will be able enjoy each other’s company while appreciating the peaceful surroundings.

Cozy Toast By A Fire

If the cabin has a fireplace inside of it, place fire logs in the base of it and light it right before you are ready to relax with your spouse. Arrange a few blankets and pillows on the floor, directly in front of the fireplace so that you both can lay side by side while gazing at the flames. Cherish the moments spent relaxing and speak candidly to your loved one about how much you love them and some of the reasons why. Allow them to open up to you, as well, about their feelings.

Nature Hike While Spending Time Together

Explore the woods that surround the cabin on one of the days that you are away on vacation. Bring along a compass so that you and your partner do not become lost. Also take a camera along for the excursion so that you both can take photographs of the scenery and a picnic basket that has lunch items inside of it so that you can enjoy a simple meal together.

Find a clearing in the woods that you and your loved one can sit down in to eat. Your partner may appreciate the simplicity of the meal and the fact that you are both far away from distractions.

All of these ideas can help make your wedding anniversary special and memorable for you and your spouse. If you both have a great time, make reservations at the same cabin each year to celebrate your marriage.

To learn more, contact a company like 5-Star Cabin Rentals

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