I caught the traveling bug in college. One study abroad trip simply wasn’t enough for me. As soon as I finished college, I sold my old furniture, put my books in storage, and filled a bag with essentials. Armed with a backpack, a couple of guidebooks, a few changes of clothes, and a lot of spunk, I was ready to see the world. I traveled through the Middle East, spent some time working in Australia and exploring the Outback, and I lived in London with a group of travelers.

In London, I worked at a hostel where I had the chance to meet a lot of travelers. Many of them weren’t as internationally savvy as me, and I decided to help them out with tips. Whether they needed advice on how to get a work visa or where to find the best pubs, I could provide it. After a few years of indulging in wanderlust, I fell in love, and I decided to settle down. Now, ten years of marriage and three kids later, I still love to travel, but I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I used to. I am planning a couple of international trips when my kids are a little older, but in the meantime, I am an armchair traveler.

When I am not reading books about traveling, I am working on this blog. I hope you can find the information you need here, and I wish you happy trails.