If you will be staying in a cabin in the woods to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year, the following ideas can be used to create romantic settings that will allow you and your significant other to make the most of the time spent away from home.

Candlelight Dinner In The Moonlight

Pack some of your spouse’s favorite dinner items before leaving to go on the vacation. Bring along a bottle of champagne or wine to enjoy with the meal. Set up a small table on the cabin’s front porch or in another area outdoors where moonlight can be seen. Prepare a meal for your loved one and invite them outdoors to sit down at the table once it is ready.

Serve the meal and pour a beverage for each of you to drink. Toast your mate before beginning to eat. You and your partner will be able enjoy each other’s company while appreciating the peaceful surroundings.

Cozy Toast By A Fire

If the cabin has a fireplace inside of it, place fire logs in the base of it and light it right before you are ready to relax with your spouse. Arrange a few blankets and pillows on the floor, directly in front of the fireplace so that you both can lay side by side while gazing at the flames. Cherish the moments spent relaxing and speak candidly to your loved one about how much you love them and some of the reasons why. Allow them to open up to you, as well, about their feelings.

Nature Hike While Spending Time Together

Explore the woods that surround the cabin on one of the days that you are away on vacation. Bring along a compass so that you and your partner do not become lost. Also take a camera along for the excursion so that you both can take photographs of the scenery and a picnic basket that has lunch items inside of it so that you can enjoy a simple meal together.

Find a clearing in the woods that you and your loved one can sit down in to eat. Your partner may appreciate the simplicity of the meal and the fact that you are both far away from distractions.

All of these ideas can help make your wedding anniversary special and memorable for you and your spouse. If you both have a great time, make reservations at the same cabin each year to celebrate your marriage.

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