If you and your spouse were married on a cruise ship’s deck and will be taking a cruise this summer to celebrate your wedding anniversary, use the following tips to help make the trip meaningful and enjoyable. The time that is spent together may strengthen your relationship and will provide you both with fond memories that you can both look back upon for the rest of your lives.   

Reenact The Original Proposal

Envision the night of the marriage proposal and try to add details that are reminiscent of the occasion so that your spouse will feel as if they stepped back in time. Dress in similar clothing that was initially worn and pack candles or musical selections if they were used during the real proposal. Try to remember what words were said during the original occasion and practice saying them in front of a mirror until you are comfortable repeating them out loud.

Set up an area on the cruise ship’s deck that is private to share with your spouse. Recite the proposal speech to your loved one and focus on their reaction. Afterward, toast your spouse with a meaningful statement that describes how much you love them and your undying devotion

Plan The Perfect Meal

Speak with the ship’s chef or head waiter and request that special dishes are prepared for an intimate dinner with your loved one. If you would like to eat in the dining room on the ship, find out if there is a private table that you can reserve. If the ship provides live entertainment, you may be able to coordinate the dinner so that you and your spouse can listen to a vocalist or instrumentalist during the meal.

If you would rather share time alone, set up a table inside of your room and cover it with a fancy tablecloth and a vase of fresh flowers or another beautiful centerpiece. Take your time while enjoying the meal and savor each food item that is served to you and your mate. 

Participate In Workshops And Activities

Many cruise ships offer workshops and activities for guests to enjoy. Indulge in dance lessons, culinary demonstrations, or exercise classes if they are available. Utilize the swimming area, play shuffleboard, and take photographs of the scenery surrounding the ship. Filling your daily schedule while spending time with your partner will make the cruise more meaningful and may help you both feel valued. 

If you and your spouse enjoy yourselves while on the cruise, plan a trip each year to celebrate your wedding anniversary.