Imagine you’re floating high up in the sky as you glide over the landscape below in a brightly colored hot air balloon. The sun is beginning to set, and you’re taking in the romantic view of a never-before-seen horizon. Riding in a hot air balloon is a great activity to enjoy while on vacation or attending festivals. If you’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon before, here are a few tips to ensure that your trip is wonderful and unforgettable.


If you’re planning to take a hot air balloon ride as part of your next vacation, schedule it to be one of the first activities you plan to do. This will give you plenty of time if you need to reschedule later due to inclement weather. Hot air balloon pilots cannot take off on rainy days, when it snows, or when it’s too foggy outside. By planning the trip early, you can avoid disappointment if the trip day needs to be changed.

Pack Accordingly

Even if it’s the heat of summer, the weather can change dramatically the higher up you travel. Bring along a lightweight jacket so you can cover up and protect yourself against winds and plunging temperatures. You’ll definitely also want to wear or bring a good pair of sunglasses. Since you’re going to be very high up, the sun’s rays will get more powerful as you go and the glare can make sightseeing difficult. Of course, don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone so you can snap photos and take videos of your amazing journey as well.

Think Like A Balloonist

Most hot air balloons launch from the middle of a field. This could mean you’ll have to trek through some muddy terrain before you head up. Wear waterproof shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty. Professional balloonists can also tell you that your items can easily go “overboard” during the ride, so tie your camera, glasses, and other small items to your body with a rope or neck cord so they don’t take the plunge over the side of the basket. Prepare to get up really early if you’re taking a sunrise trip. Pilots will launch at exactly the time stated and you don’t want to miss take off. Give yourself enough time to have a little breakfast and get to the launch site in time. These tips will ensure that your first hot air balloon ride is amazing and that you’ll want to go back and do it again in the future.  Contact a company, like Fun Excursions in a Box LLC, to schedule your ride.