Riding in a limo from a service like Ambassador Limousine is an exciting and stylish way to get from one spot in the city to another. If you’ve arranged for limo transportation to kick up the fun factor of a get-together with your closest friends, it’s important to avoid being so wrapped up in the fun that you forget to tip. Tipping is the best way to show your limo driver that you appreciate his or her attentive care and conscientiousness and is best done in cash upon reaching your final destination of the rental period. Here are three other rules to keep in mind about tipping your limo driver.

There’s A Suggested Amount

The customary rule to remember when it comes to tipping your limo driver is to give somewhere within the range of 10 to 15 percent of the rental fee. Keeping this guideline in mind, you can decide exactly how much you want to tip by evaluating the driver throughout the limo experience. For example, consider the driver’s friendliness to you and your fellow passengers, as well as whether he or she provides you with some “extra” services such as suggesting an ideal eatery to visit or taking some group pictures in front of a landmark. Taking all these factors into account will help you decide the exact amount that you wish to tip.

Tip Yourself Or Take Up A Collection

There are two schools of thought about who should come up with the money to tip the limo driver. One approach is for the person who signed the rental contract to take care of the tip; this is easy because the person will know the cost and thus be able to determine a tip within the suggested range. The other way to put together the tip money is to take up a collection from everyone in the limo. If you choose to take this approach, it’s ideal to share this information with your fellow passengers in advance to ensure that they’re all carrying some small bills.

Don’t Make A Big Deal

No one likes being around a tipper who’s flashing cash or otherwise making a big deal about giving a tip. It’s an important etiquette rule to be as discreet as possible when you tip your limo driver. One way to achieve this goal is to put the cash into an envelope; doing so means that others won’t see the denomination of the bills you’re giving. When you’re ready to tip, make a point of thanking the limo driver for his or her care, offering a handshake and passing the tip envelope at this time.