In the age of technology, many different options have emerged for finding home shares and alternate accommodations. While some of these options claim to be better than hotels, there are several reasons why hotels are still the best option for your vacation.  

You Know What to Expect

When you’re renting a room or a vacation home from another person, your standards may not be met. Different renters may have their own definitions of “luxury” or have different standards for cleanliness than you would expect. When you go through a hotel, you can expect for certain star levels to mean a specific level of service and quality, making it easier to plan a comfortable stay.

Avoid a Reservation Snafu

Different home sharing sites have their own policies for cancelling renters’ stays, but some vacation-goers have had issues with their hosts cancelling the stay at the last minute and leaving them to scramble for accommodation. Especially if you are going on vacation during high season, when rooms can get booked up quickly, you should save yourself the worry and book with a hotel that will be sure to honor your reservations.

Traveler Amenities

Hotels also make their guests’ stays easier by connecting them with tour opportunities, shuttles, and other activities in the area. Since hotels send many guests to the local tour sites, they may also be able to offer you discounted rates and package deals that your roomshare hosts won’t be able to offer.

Cancellations and Last Minute Stays

While home share sites have certain advantages for convenience, they can be really tricky to navigate if you need to make changes to your reservation or book a last minute stay. For cancellations, you’ll be at the mercy of your host for refunding the money. And last minute stays can be near impossible, since you’ll need to contact a host and have them accept before you book your stay.


Another benefit of hotels is that their customer service standards may be higher; they have a large incentive to make sure you’re happy and to accommodate you in case the stay doesn’t go as planned. If you have an issue with your accommodation on a home sharing website, your luck with refunds will depend on the individual host that you chose.

Sure, you may save a few dollars if you go through a home sharing option for booking your vacation stay. However, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can arise when you’re staying with a stranger who hasn’t been fully vetted. By sticking with a hotel that has already built its reputation, you can get a better guarantee for a smooth trip. Shop around to various hotels like Oak Tree Inn for your next vacation.