If you own or manage a boutique hotel, it’s great to appeal to individuals and families traveling for pleasure. However, one of the best markets for repeat reservations and extra purchases during a stay is business clients. Here are four services you should consider adding to make your boutique hotel more appealing to business travelers, so they’ll want to return again and again.

Onsite Meeting Space

Business travelers want to maximize their time and minimize wasted travel to and from meeting places. If you offer onsite meeting rooms, you’ll be more attractive to business clientele. To make your meeting space most useful, consider including the following:

  • meeting rooms of various sizes or rooms that can be subdivided
  • seating that can be configured in numerous ways (theater-style, U-shaped, rows, etc.)
  • zoned HVAC
  • private, secure WiFi networks
  • up-to-date audio/visual equipment
  • beverage/snack service
  • amenities, such as printers, flip charts, laser pointers, podiums, and CD/DVD writers

Airport Shuttle

In keeping with the need to make the best use of their time, business travelers don’t want to waste precious minutes waiting for cabs or renting cars. If you provide an airport shuttle service, you can offer to pick up and drop off travelers at the airport, which is a service usually only offered by larger hotel chains.

If purchasing a shuttle bus and hiring a driver feels overwhelming to you, your hotel can always contract with a larger service, and pass the cost on to the guests. Business travelers won’t generally be concerned about the cost of this service, as they typically expense transportation while traveling for work.

24/7 Cafe or Bar

Business deals get closed at all hours of the day and night. Additionally, sometimes business travelers need a place to break away from a larger group for private chats. Meeting in the hotel lobby or in a guest room doesn’t look very professional.

If you offer a small cafe or bar that’s open 24/7, business travelers will appreciate the ability to get coffee, refreshments, or cocktails at any hour. Guests checking in late at night or coming back from a dinner out can relax over a drink. Early risers can get a gourmet coffee beverage, which is nicer than a thermos and styrofoam cup in the lobby.


A hotel that has a concierge says it cares about its guests. A concierge service can handle dry cleaning, run errands, and make dinner or sightseeing arrangements so guests can focus on business. Encourage your guests to call ahead of their stay to get help with meeting logistics, such as large group events or airport shuttle arrangements.

To cater to the lucrative business market, your boutique hotel needs to help guests put business first. By including the services above, such as an airport shuttle, you can help your business guests do what they came to do, and they’ll give your great word of mouth and repeat business when you handle their stay with professionalism and style.