Summer Road Trips Made Easy: How You Can Relax And Let Someone Else Drive

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Summer is just up ahead, and you are looking at the various ways to keep your kids busy. You want to take a road trip, but you also know what a pain that is when you are the one driving all the way. If you really want to take a summer road trip, here are a few alternatives that allow you to relax and put somebody else in the driver’s seat.

Charter Bus Tours

No matter where you live, there is a bus company that does tours (such as Pacific Coachways Charter Services). Some of them are day tours, while others go for a week or more. You can pay for the trip in installments and then all you have to do is show up to the pick up and drop off site at the correct time on the first day of the trip. Your kids have their own seats and you can even sit between them to keep them from fighting and arguing, something you definitely cannot do when you are the one driving. 

Better still, a bus tour as your summer road trip has these additional benefits:

  • you do not have to worry about car insurance or your car breaking down during the trip
  • many meals are included so you know exactly where you will eat and can plan ahead for your picky eaters
  • all your lodging is included and you know exactly where you are staying every night in case someone back home needs to reach you
  • if you want advice about the different sights to see along the trip and at your destination, a tour guide rides the bus with the group
  • some charter tours have buses with an on-board bathroom so you do not have to wait until the next rest stop to go, nor do you have to pull over for the kids to go

All the things that usually complicate your summer trip adventures are taken care of on a bus tour. The only thing you might want to bring, besides your suitcases, are activity bags for the kids to keep them busy for longer legs of the trip.

Traveling with Special Needs Children

If you have children with special needs, there are charter bus tours that cater to families like yours. Additionally, if your children are at least sixteen years of age, you can also send them on guided bus tours with trained chaperones, and then you can drive the whole trip by yourself and meet them along the way. Either way, you can travel without stressing yourself out and actually enjoy your family’s summer vacation without the extra headaches associated with traveling with children.

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3 Reasons To Work With A Real Estate Agent In Ecuador

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Finding a new home to purchase can be extremely difficult normally, but it gets much harder if you are looking to purchase a home in another country. However, working with a real estate agent in the destination country can make things quite a bit easier. Three reasons to work with a real estate agent in Ecuador are to find the ideal property, deal with Ecuador’s real estate laws, and find appropriate financing options.

Finding The Ideal Property

One of the best parts about using a real estate agent in Ecuador is that he or she will be able to show you the largest number of Ecuador real estate listings when it comes to purchasing a home. Sure, you can find a large number of homes for sale simply using the Internet, but you can often be limiting your options by going that route. For example, many real estate agents or homeowners may not even bother posting their properties on the real estate websites.

However, when you use a real estate agent, you can simply tell the agent exactly what you are looking for and leave the hunt to him or her. This will allow you to avoid looking at any properties that do not match your criteria, while also having access to all of those properties that may not be listed online that do meet your criteria. 

Real Estate Laws

A real estate agent will also be able to help you deal with the laws that will affect you, should you choose to buy a home or other type of property. While Ecuador’s real estate laws are very favorable to foreigners, you will still need to make sure that you have the appropriate visas and residence permits.

The last thing you want is to buy a house in Ecuador, then have to rush and sell it because you failed to meet your visa or residency requirements and need to leave the country. For example, in Ecuador, you must live in the country for at least nine months out of every year to qualify for a resident visa.

Finding Financing Options

Finally, you can utilize a real estate agent to help you find appropriate financing options. This is very useful because many lenders in the United States may not be willing to provide you with a home loan to purchase a house in another country. However, since real estate agents in Ecuador are used to dealing with expats, they will be able to recommend local banks that are willing to lend to foreigners, or lenders that specialize in international home loans.

Speak to a real estate agent in Ecuador today in order to inquire about the many different ways he or she can assist you. A real estate agent will be able to help you find the right property and financing options for you, while also being able to educate you on the local real estate and tax laws that you will have to deal with.

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