Buying a new mountain bike can often be a confusing experience, mostly because of the many options available to you. Two tips to help you find the perfect mountain bike are to carefully consider the materials used and the size of the wheels.

Materials Used

The first thing to consider when buying a mountain bike is what kind of materials the bike utilizes. The most common mountain bike materials are aluminum, steel, and titanium.

Steel is a fantastic material to consider if you want a bike that is extremely durable. Even if you should happen to drop the bike on a hard surface or ride into an obstacle, the chances are good that a steel bike will come out of the accident without being bent or warped. The downside is that this material will make the bike quite heavy, which means that you will have to work harder to move it.

Aluminum is a great option because it is extremely light. However, this does mean that it will not be as resistant to impact as steel. The good news is that this material will allow a beginner to ride for longer distances due to the lesser effort that is needed to move the bike.

Titanium is strong and light, but it is not the best option for a new rider. The issue is that a mountain bike made out of titanium will be extremely expensive, so it is best suited for a rider that has been biking for years and is dedicated to the hobby.

Size of the Wheels

Finally, you will also want to carefully consider what size of wheels you will want on the bike. In most cases, a bike shop will recommend 26″ wheels for beginners. The reasoning behind this is that these smaller wheels will make it easier for a beginner to move the bike due to lighter weight.

However, if you want a bike that will have more traction on wet or loose surfaces, then you should seriously consider 29″ wheels. These wheels are both wider and taller. The wider surface provides a better grip, which will help you navigate loose dirt or rocks on a mountain trail.

Another benefit to 29″ wheels is the heavier weight. The heavier weight of the wheels makes the bicycle harder to move, which makes it ideal if you are taking up biking as a means to get into shape.

Pay a visit to your local bike shop today in order to discuss the many options available. By carefully considering both wheel size and the materials used in the bike you can ensure that you get a bicycle that is perfect for your individual needs.